East End Surf Life Saving Club

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"In it for life” is a catch-phrase that has been adopted by Surf Lifesaving New Zealand and its affiliated districts and clubs.

In it for life is how it often is for many that become involved. Usually starting out as young teenaged lifeguards and competitors, members stay involved and contribute to the movement as senior guards, coaches, team managers, club and district executive members and officials at competitions throughout their lives.

Friendships formed span years, decades, clubs and countries.

At East End SLSC we offer a fun friendly club environment with opportunities for personal development, fitness, competition and recreation.

Additionally, life-guarding provides an opportunity to provide a worthwhile community service.

Club membership can be:

  • As an active lifeguard (14 years and older)
  • As an active surf sports competitor and lifeguard
  • As a supporter
  • As an official at competitions
  • As a junior surf member, learning beach safety, water confidence, competition and fun (7 to 14 year olds)

We have a membership to suit everyone from the young to the young at heart. If you want to be a social member to fully competing lifeguard on the National stage the choice is yours.

There are two ways you can submit a membership application.  You can do it on-line by clicking here or you can follow the process below and download and complete a membership form.  Both work and we are pleased to have you join East End.

Join East End SLSC by completing the steps below:

STEP 1: Join the SLSNZ Database

  • This will give you a Surf Lifesaving New Zealand registration number which is important when it comes to patrolling the beach and entering surf sport carnivals. Also your details will be on the national database so you will receive news and information from Surf Life Saving New Zealand

Join SLSNZ Database

East End Membership Form

STEP 3: Either Email the Membership form to [email protected] or bring a completed physical copy down to the club and hand it to someone of importance. Payment is accepted via online (please include family name in reference) or at the Club Bar.  

All members are required to follow SLSNZ and EESLSC code of conduct and safety protocols (eg wearing Hi Viz Tops when training or using club sports equipment).

If you are unsure about these requirements - please ask.